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South Indian Prohibition Restaurant and Bar

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Welcome to the days of east - Indian 1940’s prohibition.
These are the days of illicitness, but more importantly of opportunity.

Where late night congregations are conducted away from peeping street lights. A time where intentions are spoken softly.

The Bombay (Alcohol) Prohibitions Act is the sumptuary law that looms over every evening. Travellers however, with permit in hand, may sip their spirits without fear of sanction.



Permit Room Restaurant & Bar is situated in the beautifully restored 1920 Heritage building on the corner of Colombo and Amargh streets overlooking Victoria Square.

The colonial-style Prohibition restaurant & bar offers delicious Indian cuisine and crafted beer brewed locally from Three Boys Brewing. Come try our unique and specially brewed Wheat beer infused with cardamom and ginger.

This beer is our house speciality and is the perfect complement to southern Indian cuisine! Another unique offering is our locally brewed kombucha on tap (from Canterbury kombucha) and Indian inspired cocktails.

Permit Room houses a stunning private function space overlooking the Square. This space is perfect for both intimate and large gatherings. Enquire with us today.